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KUSH CPA is a strong financial partner for cannabis businesses.

Our accounting solutions ensure compliance with government regulations

KUSH CPA works with a variety of marijuana businesses, including cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries, and delivery operators.



If you are struggling to enhance your enterprise’s processes, you should consider auditing and assurance services by reliable firms. A business’s operations need to be improved to achieve growth, and it is only possible when there is a proper use of physical and monetary resources.

Accounting (GAAP)/Bookkeeping


GAAP guidelines help businesses maintain consistency in their presentation of financial information, reduce the risk of misrepresentation and avoid fraud. GAAP was created to safeguard the rights of stakeholders, including investors. It holds companies responsible for their financial reporting activities, thus providing greater assurance to all interested parties. Companies provide true and fair presentation of financial information using GAAP.

Cost Accounting


To effectively do cost accounting you will need to allocate some of the P&L costs out of expenses and into Inventory/COGS. If you claim a significant amount of costs allocated to inventory (and eventually COGS) incorrectly, you could end up in hot water when audited and potentially owe thousands of dollars in back taxes. Proper cost accounting complex. From the moment a seed is planted in the ground to the harvest of the crop, high-level accounting procedures are mandatory to keep cultivation companies compliant.

Audit Support


We work closely with clients to ensure audits are accurately scoped and clients provide the correct
evidence needed to evaluate their practices.

Tax Preparation


Lower your tax liability, navigate 280E, and limit IRS audit risk with advanced tax planning and compliance support.

Outsourced CFO Services


CFO makes a significant difference in your profitability and cash flow. Too often, people associate CFOs with large enterprise-sized firms. Your CFO will get to know your business and help put strategies in place to manage your business risks in a holistic, proactive way. However, CEO’s can also take advantage of these services by hiring an Outsourced CFO. With a more in-depth insight into their company’s data and
numbers, they’re positioned to make strategic decisions and leverage opportunities as they come.

Forecast and Projections


Forecasting should be an integral part of the decision-making activities of management, as it can play an important role in many areas of a company. Forecasting offers effective scheduling, better inventory management, cut costs, and avoid lost sales opportunities.

Compliance and Internal Control Review


Internal controls can identify redundancies in operating and compliance procedures, uncovering an opportunity to simplify operations. Reviewing internal controls can be an early warning system, enabling early identification of deficiencies.

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